Tracy Libby, L.C.S.W.-C.C.

School Social Worker
Bowdoin Central School
If you or someone you know needs assistance of any kind you can call the 2-1-1 support line and they can match you to some support.

This Month in Guidance - April/May 2016
It is hard to believe May is right around the corner. Kindergarten has been learning about fair ways to play, getting something taken away (and how to respond) and will be wrapping up their last guidance lesson on 25th to review what we have learned together this year!
First grade will be talking about how our attitude impacts us with a story called "Batitude" and will be wrapping up on with two more guidance visits on the 10th and the 31st.
**Bowdoin Central is having it's first ever Career Fair here on May 11th with a great group of presenters including a game warden, vet, chef, dance teacher, sports medicine doctor, nurse, land surveyor ....just to name a few! We have 20 AMAZING volunteers presenting on this day to our students. It should be a fun event. **
Just a reminder SUMMER CAMP deadline for Bowdoin College is May 27th.
K screening is on Tuesday May 3rd.
I have enjoyed this school year working with your children! Bowdoin Central School is truly a magical place to be!
Have a wonderful end to the school year and an even better summer
Mrs. Libby

This Month in Guidance - March 2016
We have been busy in Kindergarten learning about problem solving using the STEP acronym
S- Say the problem- without blame
T- Think of a solution- safe and respectful
E- Explore consequences- what could happen if...
P- Pick the best solution- make your plan
ask your K students about this- we've been practicing!! We have also been learning about how to join play and fair ways to play (Share, Take Turns, Trade)
In first grade we have been focusing on small vs. big problems and our reactions. This week we did a lesson on Empathy and watched a funny video about empathy..ask your first graders what empathy means...I bet they can tell you. We read a story called "If You Stand in My Shoes".
It's hard to believe we are almost to April vacation!! Enjoy your break everyone..let's hope the 50 degree weather comes back and fast!!
~Mrs. Libby

This Month in Guidance - February 2016
Hi everyone!
So in guidance we have been busy in the k and first grades learning about being assertive (asking for help), caring and helping each other (empathy), and we will be talking about how we feel our feelings in our bodies this week in K.
In the fourth grade we have combined the classes for a weekly lesson on friendship/conflict resolution/what it means to be a good friend/ and friendship problems that arise and what to do about them! This will be a short 3-4 week guidance unit. We started off last Tuesday talking about what friendship means and together we made a recipe for friendship soup! It was a great start to our discussion! This week we will begin on discussion on what is conflict in friendship and how can we handle conflict in friendships or with our peers.
I hope you are all staying well and enjoying this much warmer Winter we are having!
Mrs. Libby
This Week in Guidance - January 2016
In classroom guidance we have been working in Kindergarten with focusing our attention. Your K students will come home with their “attent-o-scopes” this week. In first grade we did some role playing around using genuine apologies and what that looks like. The students loved the role play aspect. The K students also met my puppets “Slow Down Snail”, “Impulsive Puppy”, and “Be calm Bunny”. They will visit from time to time.

This Week in Guidance - November 9-13
Due to a Holiday and some schedule glitches, only 1st and 2nd have guidance this week, but we will be back on track next week! Guidance will continue for grades k/1 after the Thanksgiving break with visits periodically in the other classrooms throughout the remainder of the year.
Here is what is happening this week;
A story called "Wemberly Worried" with a discussion about worries and how to help them and a fun puppet making craft. They did a GREAT job...take a look at a few below!
This Month in Guidance - November

This past couple of weeks in guidance has been busy! SASSMM visited classrooms to do various lessons on personal body safety and bullying. They do such a wonderful job with their presentations, the kids are all so engaged in their presence.
They read a story called "Say Something" to the 3rd graders and talked about the importance of the bystander role. They used wonderful puppetry to explore with the students personal body safety. Although the topic is a serious one, the puppets still evoked much laughter from the children and some powerful messages.
In classroom guidance we read the story called "Chrysanthemum" in grades k-3 and talked about the power of our words using an activity with a heart and the idea that unkind words leave permanent wrinkles on our hearts.

We also read a story called "What if Everybody Did That?" in first grade to talk about the importance of rules and why we have them. They did some wonderful illustrations to show what would happen if everyone broke the school rules. Great work!

This Week in Guidance - October 19-30th
This week and next week in classroom guidance we are talking about why we have rules and the importance of rules at school. I am reading "What if Everybody Did That?" to grades 1-3 and they will get the opportunity to do some nice artwork regarding how our school might look if we didn't follow the rules. I will be posting this great art work next week in the building and pictures will follow! I have been so impressed so far!
In kindergarten your child may have come home with a cone shaped project (supposed to be a volcano :) as we talked about "erupting" and interrupting using the story "My Mouth is a Volcano".

This Week in Guidance - October 5, 2015
This week in K we are talking about our differences and celebrating them. We will be reading "It's okay to be different" and making a thumbprint book.
In grades 1-3 we will be talking about Cotton vs. Sandpaper words (Cotton words feel good and are helpful, Sandpaper words do not feel good and are not helpful). We are reading "The Juicebox Bully" in grades 1 and 2 and a book called "Trouble Talk" in grades 3.
* Reminder: SASSMM will be at our school on October 26th for grades K, 4 and 5.
This was in a newsletter that went home as well.
Weekly classroom guidance will end in grades 2 and 3 just before the Thanksgiving Break but I will still be visiting classes from time to time.
Guidance in grades K and 1 will continue throughout the year.
Stay healthy and enjoy this Fall weather and scenery!
This Week in Guidance - September 28, 2015

Over the past couple of weeks in classroom guidance, grades 1-3 have been learning about the power of positive "clear" thoughts vs. "muddy" thoughts that are not helpful. We have also talked about ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy as we enter back into school and we read a story called The Sunday Blues. I am enjoying doing some work in classrooms with the students. This week (September 28th) we are talking about using our social filters and reading a book called "I Can't Believe You Said That". The students will get to see a little filter experiment and we will talk about what happens to our talking bubble when we don't turn on our filters.

In Kindergarten we started off talking about the importance of whole body listening. Did you know your feet and eyes can listen? Ask your Kindergartener about that! Also we talked about feelings and sang some songs about our feelings. This week (September 28th) we will be talking about how not to be an interrupting chicken.

Lunch Groups this year will be student/teacher referrals. I won't be doing sign ups in the cafeteria. If you son/daughter would like the opportunity to have lunch with me this year simply have them let me know! I will try to make myself visible during lunch/recess as much as possible talking with students and even playing some soccer!!
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